— Management Principles —

The Firm is focused on addressing the specific research needs of our clients through superior service and believes that limiting its research distribution to a small number of institutional clients adds additional value.

Recognizing that institutional investors have no shortage of options when it comes to investment research, Strategas works hard to distill, thoughtfully and concisely, complex investment concepts into easily understandable and actionable ideas and themes for investors of all styles and time horizons every day. Through frequent client visits and customized research solutions, the Firm actively seeks to go beyond its written research reports.

Management Principles

  1. Quality. Firms are generally only as strong as their weakest links. Strategas is committed to establishing processes to maintain the highest level of quality in all areas – its people, its research, and its client service.
  2. Transparency. Strategas believes that its successes, failures, and sacrifices should be shared at all levels of the firm. The Firm is committed to transparency between the Partnership and the Firm's Associates with respect to the Firm's mission and developments which affect the future of the business.
  3. Perspective. Strategas will be committed to excellence but never at the expense of its guiding principles and values in the way it treats its customers, its associates, and its vendors. The Firm seeks success, but not at the expense of its respect for the individual.