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Bespoke Research

The Firm's Bespoke Research team works closely with clients on customized and special projects across the Firm's seven research verticals – Investment Strategy, Economics, Washington Research, Sector Strategy, Technical Analysis, Industry Surveys and Fixed Income Strategy. Our team strives to return special requests and customized projects as quickly and as accurately as possible. In addition, the team is available to fulfill any requests for charts and data published in our daily written reports.

Most importantly, the team recognizes that it can add value by simply serving as an outsourced research solution for clients that may not have the time or resources necessary to complete certain specialized research projects. To assist our clients in this respect, our team possesses both the wide range of resources and strong commitment level needed to add significant value throughout all stages of the investment process.

As an example of our data capabilities, recent client requests have included:

1) An analysis of the S&P 500 sub-industry groups with the highest and lowest correlations to Oil, the Dollar, and Emerging Markets.

2) An overview of the relationship between inflation, market multiples, and interest rates over the past century.

3) The construction of a capital spending regression model used to forecast future Capex expenditures on both a sector and industry level.

4) An in-depth look at the various proposals for financial regulation and their direct implications for institutional investors.