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Corporate Services


“Strategas Research Partners, LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Voyager Institutional Services, LLC, a provider of investor relations and non-deal roadshow services for US-traded public companies".

For more information, please contact:

John Ghize

Head of Institutional Securities

(212) 897-6390


John Schoger

Head of Corporate Services

(614) 221-6680


Justin Trabert

Associate, Corporate Services



Strategas' Corporate Services team, seeks to leverage the Firm's research offering, capital markets acumen, and buy-side relationships into a comprehensive "360 Access" program to meet the needs of both corporate management and institutional investors.

  • Research Access- Our team can provide companies, their executive teams, and their boards of directors to our suite of macro-focused research reports and one-on-one consultations.
  • Corporate Advisory & Consulting- Strategas brings together decades of experience and the full breadth of its research capabilities to provide corporate executives with actionable analytics and good counsel in an era of shorter business cycles and greater market volatility. The services that we provide include, but are not limited to, bespoke projects, presentations to management offsites and board meetings, executive preparation and fairness opinions.
  • Capital Market Access- Strategas' independence puts it in a unique position to serve Corporations with a diverse set of needs. Strategas can help clients access equity and debt capital markets by raising capital, share repurchases, and distributions and syndicates.
  • Corporate Access- Deep relationships with its clients and counterparties allows Strategas to bring corporate managements and institutional investors together in a transparent, conflict-free manner. This can be facilitated through hosted events, by request and conferences.