— Investment & Sector Strategy —

Investment & Sector Strategy

The Firm's Institutional Investor-ranked Investment Strategy team led by Jason Trennert and Nicholas Bohnsack, works to identify the major themes with broad implications for the global financial markets. By working closely with the Firm's Economics and Washington Policy teams, the Firm’s strategists seek to provide accurate projections of aggregate corporate profits, valuation, profit margins, size and style trends, and long-term targets of the major equity indices.

The team's thematic and macro-driven approach relies on empirical data as well as fundamental and technical research to provide clients with an integrated investment strategy for a variety of time horizons. In addition, the team actively works with clients to improve information flow within their investment process, paying particular respect to asset allocation and sector rotation.

An emphasis is placed on delivering timely information in a concise manner through the dissemination of daily written publications and customized research projects. The team’s analysts are also available for regular conference calls, client meetings, and group presentations. Our high-touch client approach and the availability of our analyst team complements our more proprietary and data-driven efforts. Through the publication of our monthly Market Balance Sheet, Proprietary Bellwether Index, and Strategas Sentiment Indicator, the Strategy team provides clients with a unique, first-principles framework for analyzing the trajectory of market, sector, and industry group trends.