— Policy Research —

Policy Research

The Firm's Institutional Investor-ranked Policy Research team, led by Daniel Clifton, works to identify federal, state, and local policy initiatives that have direct investment implications. Based in Washington, D.C., the team navigates the legislative, executive, and regulatory landscapes to offer the Firm's clients forward-looking information, relevant to their portfolio holdings. An emphasis is placed on identifying the sectors and industry groups most impacted by future legislative and regulatory actions, within the context of a dynamic political environment.

Experienced in political and policy research and analysis, the Policy Research team offers insights on the changing policy landscape and the risks and opportunities for investors. The team also utilizes contacts within the public and private sectors to ensure accurate and timely information, allowing the Firm's clients to better distill political noise from potential investment opportunity. Furthermore, the Policy Research team seeks to introduce clients directly with policymakers and other Washington insiders.

Through the regular publication of written reports, frequent conference calls, customized projects, and direct meetings, the Policy Research team is actively engaged in ensuring the firm’s client base remains steps ahead of policy changes.