— Research Principles —

Research Principles

Strategas seeks to provide clear and concise research that allows its clients to reach an investment conclusion quickly.

  1. Utility. There are three ways in which investment strategy, economic and policy research can be useful:
    • By being accurate
    • By identifying important themes
    • By providing enough raw and provocative research material to allow our clients to make up their own minds or to be used in their own marketing material.
  2. Humility. Sadly, the first of these basic elements of utility correctly divining the movements of the markets and the madness of crowds is the most elusive. The Firm recognizes that, despite its best efforts, it will often be wrong. It is impossible to have all the facts when making investment forecasts. The Firm's analysts will remain vigilant to always be aware of and respect other points of view and to remain intellectually flexible and humble enough to change its forecasts when the facts change.
  3. Simplicity & Clarity. Our clients have too much to read. Strategas seeks to provide clear and concise research that allows our clients to remain informed and to come to investment conclusions.
  4. Quality & Thoroughness of Output. The Firm recognizes that its credibility is on the line every time it publishes a report or makes an investment forecast. Strategas is committed to making sure that the inputs used to create its research products are comprehensive and accurate.