Strategas' independence puts it in a unique position to serve corporations with a diverse set of needs by helping clients access capital in the debt and equity markets, executing private placements, assisting in share repurchases and providing c-suite executives with bespoke market analysis. Strategas offers clients the ability to access its Institutional Investor-ranked New York-based Strategy, Economic, Fixed Income, International, Quantitative, Technical, and Washington, D.C.-based Policy teams as they consider market conditions and seek a more extensive view on the factors that might influence business conditions and valuation. Our Industry Survey group provides valuable insights from a core group of professional respondents. In addition, the Firm also sponsors numerous events, conferences, meetings and related activities, throughout the year, to support our clients’ development and foster interaction with investors.

Corporate Advisory

Strategas brings together decades of experience and the full breadth of its global capital market and macro research capabilities to provide corporate executives, and their boards, with actionable analytics and good counsel for the needed advantage in today’s dynamic marketplace.

The Firm's Capital Markets team undertakes a wide range of bespoke assignments.  Free from the internal conflicts of larger advisory firms, Strategas assumes no security-specific research and is free to deliver unbiased opinions.  The process to any sound decision begins with sound research.  The Firm prepares customized presentations and makes its senior analysts available on topics important to your company.

Private Transactions

Strategas' Private Transactions group works closely with the management of, and investors in, privately-held companies to facilitate transactions in non-public securities; and, to assist in raising growth equity capital for mid-to-late-stage non-public entities.  Strategas prides itself on building deep relationships with company management, which is vital to providing a consistent flow of information between transaction parties, facilitating access to financial information, understanding securities covenants, and having a thorough understanding of a company's cap table management preferences and right of first refusal (ROFR) process.

The Firm is often engaged by management to broker the transfer of shares between non-executive employees, approved to seek liquidity, or investors in earlier funding rounds seeking an exit and new investors, interested in securing a financial position in the company.  Wherever possible, Strategas works to provide potential investors with access to company financials and management.  

For clients with the desire, or ability, to commit to acquire an entire block of securities in the secondary market, or during the course of a primary round raise, Strategas Securities acts as an agent in the transaction, facilitating our client's direct ownership of securities and representation on the cap table.  In instances where our clients are interested in acquiring only a partial allocation of a transaction, our Private Transactions team works closely with the Firm's venture capital arm, Strategas Capital Partners, LLC. Strategas Capital is an alternative growth equity manager that serves as the general partner to Strategas VC II, LP, a direct deal special purpose limited partnership.

Syndicate Distribution

For both public and private companies, Strategas leverages its deep relationships with a diverse set of investors to facilitate distribution to institutional clients and family offices worldwide. The Firm’s Sales & Trading group, with the aid of its intelligent databases, carefully searches for investors that have a core interest in a particular industry and focuses on providing them with the information that they need to make an informed decision. Once a transaction is executed, the Sales & Trading team continues to support their clients with transaction analysis and aftermarket trading support.

Market Analysis & Surveys

A team of analysts are available to assist companies in understanding market characteristics that may influence corporate valuation. Strategas provides a customized market analysis that is tailored to a particular market segment, industry or specific company. This information, when coupled with fundamental analysis, provides a comprehensive view of the factors that c-suite executives and boards of directors are interested in reviewing when they are considering critical business decisions. Companies can receive general daily updates or may request customized reporting. Our clients range from Fortune 500 corporations, private equity and VC firms to early-stage private companies and those seeking a pre-IPO analysis and advice.

Company Events

An important part of our business is seeking ways to keep our clients informed and allow them to benefit from our relationships with market leaders, industry experts and other professionals. Our clients are invited to attend the Firm’s three annual conferences. Our Corporate Services team arranges numerous group and one-on-one events each year, in addition to regular conference calls and meetings with investors in major and regional money centers throughout the United States and Canada.


  • Matthew Weisbarth
    Matthew Weisbarth Managing Director