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Since our founding, our the Macro Research team has built its research product on four basic principles:
Utility. Humility. Simplicity. Quality. Coupling rigorous analytical process with intellectual flexibility, Strategas seeks to provide clear and concise research that yields timely and actionable investment conclusions.

The Strategas Capital Markets team leverages decades of experience and the full breadth of our macro research capabilities to provide corporate executives, and their boards, with actionable analytics, good counsel, innovative strategies and superior execution in an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace.

The best research is worthless unless it leads to an actionable conclusion. Strategas' “first principles” approach to research and idea generation has generated significant client demand such that the Firm formed Strategas Asset Management,
a registered investment advisor, to offer a range of managed account strategies to leverage the thematic investment conclusions and actionable ideas of the Firm’s macro research teams.

Turning Insight into Action
Our Firm

Our Firm

Strategas is an institutional brokerage and advisory firm serving clients in more than twenty countries around the world. Founded in 2006 by Jason DeSena Trennert, Nicholas Bohnsack, and Don Rissmiller, the Firm provides Macro Research and Capital Markets & Corporate Advisory services to institutional managers and corporate executives and through Strategas Asset Management manages a suite of macro thematic investment strategies by institutional mandate and for ultra and high-net-worth investors.
Today’s Research


11/20/2018 Rissmiller

Tough To See Much Inflation Now

While the consumer is still proving to be a workhorse in the U.S., price increases are already starting to bite. This does not look to us like an environment where inflation is running away ... 
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Policy Research

11/20/2018 Clifton

Why Nancy Pelosi Matters

We reiterate our view that how the Democrats resolve the Speaker’s race will matter for what, if any, compromise could happen in the next Congress.
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Technical Research

11/20/2018 Verrone

Risk Backdrop Remains Tepid, Fresh Lows for High Beta vs. Low Beta

Stocks finished slightly off their afternoon lows and breadth wasn’t awful at -2.7 to 1 given the -1.7% S&P decline, but the market’s risk averse leadership tone persists. 
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Policy Research

11/19/2018 Clifton

Are We Setting Up For Shanghai Accord Part II?

We look at the current setup for next week’s G-20 meeting in relation to the environment ahead of the February 2016 G-20 meeting. In 2016, we saw similar tightening financial conditions, with concerns that the Fed was being too tight.
Today’s Research


11/19/2018 Rissmiller

U.S. Slowing, Still Watching Oil, China & the Fed

The NAHB housing market index showed a sharp decline in Nov, dropping -8 points m/m to 60.  The decline was broad-based across regions. This matters because a broad-based housing decline is likely ...